Jesse holding a recently finished fowler

Jesse holding a recently finished fowler

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Two Pistols by Jesse featured at the CLA President's Table at CLA

Jesse Brennan, David Brennan and I just returned to Alaska from Lexington where we attended the CLA's 21st convention and show. David and Jesse shared a table and were represented by multiple examples of their work. Items from their table will be featured in a future post.

Gordon Barlow arranged to show a wide range of Flintlock Pistols from many contemporary makers and among these were three fine pistols by Jesse. These are shown in this post.

Friday, January 27, 2017

A new direction in jewelry making from Jesse

These extraordinary pendants are made from rare richly colored pieces of fossilized walrus ivory dug up from eroding coast line by Yupik and Inupiat Eskimos from North Western Alaska.
The mottled white material at the center is called tapioca because of its appearance.

Finished: The Sgian Dubh

This masterpiece of knife making skill is finished.
It features a handle of Fossilized Walrus Ivory sourced from eroding coast line in Western Alaska, completely mineralized and distinctly colored with dark stripes. Such color in this fossilized material is very rare.
The natural shape of the fossil tusk was slightly flattened on one side, and Jesse used this to create a design that allowed the handle to fit flush with the body of the wearer. The Celtic knot work was applied to the curved side, sparing the flat side.
This Scots knife is dedicated to my wife and her family MacKay whose family roots are in the highlands.